Thursday, September 2, 2010

I quit

I just realised that I did not update anything yesterday. Probably because I had too much thoughts in my head. Well yes, I did it. As of 1st Sept 2010. I quit my current job. Well I have given them a month notice so most likely I'll be jobless by the end of this month. I will still be looking around for jobs and if something comes up and if I feel right I will take it up of cuz. If not then I will take this time to renew myself. 

Hubby came back home with such a bad migraine and he couldn't even talk much. Poor thing. So I made us dinner. My original plan was to make kyar zan kyaw but there wasn't any kyaw zan (rice noodle) left in the pantry. So I settled with Sheesh Kabab with asparagus with instant noodle. Believe it or note hubby was ready for bed after the dinner and it was only around 8:30. Told him not to sleep right after dinner so he went to bed eventually around 9. 

Believe it or not, I watched "Lipstick Jungle" for the first time last night on Hallmark. :) I don't know. I wish I'm like those other girls who would make a point to catch their favorite shows every week. 

Here are a few pictures which I forgot to upload.

This is my favorite dish at the moment. Mee Soto. It's hot, spicy, comforting and just yummy.

The other day in office, it was one of the intern student's last day and they ordered Domino pizza. I'm not too sure if I'd quite like it. I think I prefer Sarpinos

And this is what my food for the day. Well it's Thursday, so you can guess. (Apple and Green Tea) liptop with mixed nuts. 

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