Monday, September 6, 2010

My lunch and snack for the day

Lunch SG Shots
Lime SodaMutton

Yes, I think I should totally stop accompanying our business partner! Darn he can eat eat and eat! We had break fast around 9 :30 and around 12:30 he was hungry and wanted to go for lunch and asked me to accompany him. So I thought ok and didn't think I'd eat but since we've got a meeting to go to at 3 I thought I might as well eat and that's what I had for lunch but I had very little rice though.

After the meeting around 4 he wanted to go to Naranjan and I took him and there and he couldn't decide on what he wants to get!!! So going back and forth with this decision making we decided to sit and sip Lime soda at Muthu's which was just next door to Naranjan! Then he got the smells and couldn't resist that he ordered mysor mutton AND MADE me eat some of it! How MEAN!!!

I am so going to need to hit back the track soon! That is running I mean.

Well today am going in late as only 2 meetings for the day.

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