Thursday, September 16, 2010

What have I done???

Ok, so I got home quite late last night as I had to go and sign my contract letters and also had to meet up with my predecessor and boy have I got a lot of work cut out for me. It is going to be a huge politic jungle and war going to be it seem but hey, I'm not going to back out and leave just because I got scared. I will do whatever I can. I know I am stronger that I think. Ok, I just hope that I'm saying all these to psych myself and the next day I  would be writing about wanting to quit. I must be very well prepared.

Here I come library, how to survive and thrive in office politics! I think I will need a lot of exercising and mental preparation. Like....

So, today I'm going to ask my current job for early release. Meaning, I would like my last day to be on the 24th rather than the 27th. If this go through then it means that I will have 6 more days to count down. Sorry, there is not food stuff in this post as I only had cup noddle last night as didn't want to bother hubby. Feels like after a long time I came back home after hubby. 

Ok, one thing I need to ask probably my best friend is if it is ok for me to have a photo from a website and also put the source of the photo? I don't like getting trouble for something which I don't know of. 

Will catch up again soon. 

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