Friday, September 17, 2010

My first attempt on Indonesian

I left office around 5:10 yesterday evening as I really couldn't be bothered sitting and doing nothing plus there was some renovation happening right on top of the office and it was as though my head was constantly being pound with a hammer!

So I went home with this huge headache and it lasted the whole evening. That didn't stop me from making dinner. Something which I was thinking of the whole day and wanting to try out. It's actually an Indonesian vegetable dish which hubby's aunt's maid makes most of the time when we visit their place. The only thing is that I'm not such a big fan of coconut milk and I do know that this curry needs coconut milk. It's called Sayur Lodeh in Indonesian I believe. As my best friend has been requesting me to write up the recipes I will be doing so and will start with this one.  All the recipes will be under Food page. I actually did google the recipe for this BUT I didn't quite like most of what went in SO, I did some changes to it and I made it my own version.

Here's our dinner last night.

Sayur Lodeh (Indonesian Vegetable Curry)

Crispy tofu (Shallow fried tofu)
Fried tofu salad (Burmese style and my Dad's favorite)
I promise to write down all the recipes. After dinner, we watched "The Hammer". It was a really sweet and nice movie. We both just fell in love with it. 

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