Friday, September 3, 2010

Comex 2010

So, yesterday I went to Comex with a colleague and it was surprising not too crowded. Don't get me wrong. The crow was there but it's bearable. I bought a iPod/iPh 3 arm strap hoping I'll be motivated to start running again and also a silicon case for hubby's coming soon iPh 4. My colleague bought 2 laptops and he went mad. 

Well from Comex I went to Vivocity because it was already 5 and thought we'd just have dinner at vivo. Then I thought of getting pedi and mani done. So I walked into this place in Vivo City and got my pedi and mani done. Boy, I don't think I'll be going there again. The service and work done by the girls were pretty good. HOWEVER! when I got a bill of $94 !!!!! I wasn't so thrill. It came down to even when you choose a scrub there's 12 + 15 extra AND to apply a quick dry top coat another $5 bucks! Boy oh boy. So not going there again. 

Today, I've got my appointment with the skin specialist at 2:30 for my bald patch. I really pray and hope that it's nothing serious. 

My best friend told me the other day - > I need to learn to relax. I really do.

Anyhoo, here's the bags from comex yesterday. Not sure if I'll be going there again with hubby over weekend.

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