Monday, September 6, 2010

Good morning Monday

I welcome any time for a 4 days work week but then I think I should be treasuring each working days for now as I feel like I might missing having to come into work. Oh well, like what hubby said, whatever happens happens.

Yesterday was another productive day. So basically our weekend was such busy and productive that we both were so tired by the time we went to bed. We finished the chairs!!!! So now our dinning table and chairs are complete. We managed to fix our
photos project too. Yes, nearly 95% of the photos were on the ground last week. 

It was also last day for Comex and we went there and got a camera (Canon SX210) for myself AND a LCD Tv from Philip for MIL. The prices were really good with all those extra goodies. From there we walked around marina square and finally walked up to the Marina Sands area. No, we didn't go inside as Enu was coming over and took some fun snaps around the area. Enjoy.

F1 track

Youth Olympic Park 

Youth Olympic Games
Singapore Marina Sands Hotel/Casino
Singapore Central Business District 

Bridge connector to the Sands

Carl's Junior for Sunday Lunch after Comex
Sunday dinner Stir fried cabbage and grilled Okra
Burmese Indian Egg Curry
Here's my breakfast for today.

Mee Soto (isn't this picture way better than my crappy E71?)

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  1. i like mee soto! gd buy for the camera by the way. Oh..and I bought my Acer lappie.