Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grills for dinner

It was a strange day yesterday. Afterall, the meeting in the evening got cancelled and I came home around noon. Did a few things around the house and thought I'd send in some more applications. In the evening, I decided that it's about time for me to do the grocery shopping! I got EVERYTHING. All kinds of fruits:-


All kinds of meat and vegetables. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE grocery shopping?? Yes, I do. We timed it so that by the time when I was done shopping hubby left the office and we came home together :) He carried the bags up. I did the major tiring shopping you know, someone has to do the lifting :)

I got Salmon for us as it's been so long we had salmon for dinner. so here it is.

I don't normally like to have much gravy or sauce to go with my grilled meals except chilli sauce :) So it can look dry but trust me, the salmon was just way too juicy to be dry.

Here's my red ruby I had in the afternoon yesterday and yes, finally a decent photo of it. :) Thanks to my little canon.

How can I not, share this view with you all. Isn't this amazing? Lovely dust.

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