Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sore day

At least today I didn't wake up at 7 in the morning. In fact we got up around 8:30. Not too bad right? Then I decided to make us a green smoothie.

This morning smoothie consist of : -
2 cups spinach
3 small size frozen banans
a hand full of blueberries and some rasberries
2 cups of milk

Hubby did some work on the computer in the morning and also finished up on the chairs while I did some housework and he decided to work on his tools cabinet. While he started that I made us a very unhealthy :D breakfast. Well once in a while, we do indulge ourselves. Bacon, scramble eggs and grilled tomatoes with wholewheat bread.

Lunch Lovely day
Lime SodaLovely day

After breakfast we continued to work on the tools cabinet and I sorted most of his tools and LOOK at the amount of stuff he has!! I think he has every single tool a man would need. Half way through, we decided to go to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping as we were planning to make Mee Shay for lunch. Both hubby and I were so sore from our workouts yesterday. He did his leg workouts in the gym yesterday and I went for a run and today my legs are just too sore:(

When we got back, I realised I forgot a few stuff I forgot like pickled chinese veges :( So, we just had it without the pickled vegs.

Here it is. So, we ended up having lunch around 4 30 and now we're so stuffed! Seems, the dinner will be around 9?

BTW, my ex trainer is now keen on getting back on BFL and so I'm joining him on the challenge. Though he's in Canada I'm sure we can track each other's progress online.


  1. so what spinach do u exactly use? your photos are making me hungry! nice pictures btw. i want some bee hoon soto!

  2. :) I've been using Baby Spinach. I just realised how expensive Cold storage is compare to Giant and even NTUC is more expensive than Giant by more than a $1!!!!