Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's is Thursday and am planning to make dinner at home. I'm hoping to make something different this time instead of curries. So, I've soaked the chick peas over night and still soaking at home at the moment while I'm at work. The dinner menu so far I have in mind is:

Chickpeas salad
Grilled zucchini and sauteed button mushrooms ( I might throw in some greens in here. Some green beans may be?)
Some ready made Prata ( I know. I wish I have some wholemeal wraps at home but I don't). 

Wish me luck!

OK, this morning we were so planning to make some tropical smoothie with Pineapple, oranges and banana and guess what happened! The orange juice which I thought we still have in the fridge for uhmm many months has gone bad :( So we ended up with banana smoothie.

This is the first time I polished off a banana smoothie. In it,

There's 3 normal banana and 1 frozen banana with 2 cups of milk. That's it but it tasted delicious!

So my tropical smoothie will be on another day. 

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