Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh so busy!

Yes, it's weekend and so it's a busy time for us. Boy, we went around a fair bit of places today. Since I started the laundry last night this morning before we went out, my laundry was done! How amazing? 

Anyhoo, we set out around 9 30 to the specialist and thank God, he doesn't think there's anything to worry about and to monitor for another 6 months. From there we went and had some breakfast at star bucks at Paragon. It was a rather big outlet and amazingly there were short of staff and only 2 were running the whole shop. There were no plates to server the food anymore and many tables were filled with dirty mugs and plates but they were managing to serve everyone in the line. Then from there we went to Great world city, then home. Sat for about 10 minutes and went out to mustafa and then came home around 4 and we both were pooped. Sat for a few hours then went out to Ikea to get the rest of the dinning chairs and finally got back home around 9. So there. It was our Saturday for you. 

In this madness, we managed to squeeze in a cup or red ruby :) 

In my red ruby, 3 celery stalks, 3 medium carrots, 2 star fruits and 1 beet root. 

Oh and about my doctor's appointment yesterday, it was as expected due to stress ( regarding my bald patch) and the doc gave me 3 steriod injection around that are and told me to go back to see him in a month's time. 

After that appointment I went to see Aud's at her dad's office and was a good surprise to see her Mom and little niece too. 

Around 4 I rushed back home to take the little one (Tinker Bell) to the vet for her annual vaccine and she behaves so well apart from her time to time hisses :)

Ok, for some reasons, I can't seem to make Tinki's picture to be centered! Oh well. 

Time to sleep now. Well I might be getting a Canon SX210 tomorrow. Stay tune!

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