Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hubby's birthday celebration weekend

I am so sorry I did not post anything for the past few days. A few of my excuses :

  1. Busy celebrating hubby's birthday
  2. Didn't have the time
  3. No workouts to post
  4. Just being lazy
So here is a quick recap of Friday - Tuesday.

Friday the 20th Nov.

Work was not too bad and in the evening, we had to go for dinner and drinks at The Queen and Mangosteen at Vivo City. Despite the price, I always enjoy their mini burgers! Just delish. Have I told you my new love is Merlot? Yes, probably I already have. I had 2 glasses of Merlot and 2 shots which husband's friends bought for husband but he is not a big fan of shots. We got home around 11ish and went to bed around 1. My head was pounding. 

Saturday 21st Nov.

We got up around 10ish and believe me this is the Saturday for us. I started cooking masala chicken from 10:30 till around 12:00 and during that time hubby cleaned and mobbed the house. After that we went for grocery shopping. Came back home and after putting things away, I started to call prawn and pumpkin curry. Mean while hubby made Sangria. Hubby also made Rajma (kidney beans in Indian style in pressure cooker). While making that, I cooked Pae Gyi ( big lentils) for soup. While all of those were on the stoves, I started to cut lady's fingers and it was around 3:30. During that madness, hubby and I managed to eat something in between. Can't really remember what we ate. 

Then Audrey and Lionel came over and made blue berry cheese cake for hubby. Lovely friends aren't they? When ever thing was done and all of us finally sat down it was about 6 and we thought we'd watch Twilight while waiting for other 2 couples. And that's when I realised I totally am in love with Twilight.

Over all, the night went really well I guess. There was very little left over and I was quite happy to see all the guests loved my cooking. Here are some of them for you to enjoy. 

Masala Chicken Curry

Prawn and Pumpkin

Lady's Finger stir fry

Hubby's birthday blue berry cheese cake by Audrey and Lionel

We watched 2012 after guests went back and it was quite bad movie and went to bed. Oh, sorry no pictures of Sangria and hubby's Kidney beans. Bad photographer!!! (ha ha)

Sunday 22nd November,

The moment we woke up we were so pooped. So we/I decided to finish watching Twilight and then both of us did the dishes because our helper, Enu didn't come. Boy, I believe we used us every plates and spoons and forks we have. 

Then we had left overs for lunch and watched Bedtime Stories and District 9. Didn't quite like the District 9 but quite enjoyed the Bedtime stories. At night, we watched Jennifer's Body. Crappy show. Yes, it seems like we had a movie marathon that day didn't we? In the evening, we decided to get out of the house and went to East Coast park and have Hoegarden and Stakes for dinner. It was a lovely evening out. 

Monday 23rd November (Hubby's Birthday)

We took a break from the gym and also we didn't go anywhere. Hubby was having a bit of tummy pain and decided to just stay at home and finish up the left overs. Happy Birthday Hubby. ( I think I said that like nearly 50 times).

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