Monday, November 16, 2009

Woah! another day with a ton of things lining up

Yesterday evening turned out to be  a nice one unexpectedly. Hubby and I went to Ikea to find out about the kitchen ideas and cam back home around 6. That was after watching The Mist, another of Stephen King's novel. It was somewhat predictable and just a so so movie. However, good entertainment. 

Hubby also got a call from his school friend to meet up for dinner for a few times and finally we met up yesterday. We took them to Inle (a Burmese restaurant) and it was a hit! I am someone who is not very keen on suggesting or proposing of what to eat or where to eat. Except to my hubby. I find that everyone has their own individual likes and dislikes and how can I know one would like what I like. 

Anyhoo, we got back around 10:20 and decided that we would not go to the gym so ended up watching tele till mid night. 

So we didn't go to they gym today and here I am now at work with a pile of things to take care of.

Today's note : Always think positive for your own happiness.

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