Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday and my energy has depleated

This week has been so painfully tiring and mentally exhausting. Meeting at 9 sharp and another meeting immediately after that till 3. At least managed to eat lunch in between and by 3:30 I was done. Literally I was really tired that I came back home and was having a splitting headache. Took 2 disprin and had to take some time off from work related activities. 

On the way home, I stopped by at hubby's office for coffee. I used to see hubby for coffee breaks very often during my previous job but sadly never got that chance in my new job anymore :(

Oh well. after a little cat nap in the evening I felt better and made us Nangyi Thoke for dinner. I had it with my favorite flora tea which I have been forgetting for a long time. This time I took picture!

Picture doesn't look good but tasted really good. Hubby also liked it. And we also had dessert. 

Its Ang Ku Quay ( No idea about the spelling). Its Chinese dessert, bit slimy side with peanut paste fillings. YUuummy...while watching The Ugly Truth 

Also, tinker bell managed to play with her favorite toy, a gecko!!! 

Today's note : Take a break every now and then. Too much of anything is not good. 

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