Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Made it!

Yes, you guessed it. We made it to the gym this morning. However, I did not sleep well. I am seriously thinking of buying some bottles of red wines. A glass before I sleep probably would be much better than sleeping pills wouldn't you agree? OK, I shall try it tonight. Also may be its just what's been happening around me make me think and also because we have been sleeping late for the past 2 months that my body is not used to sleeping early? Well I will try the wine and let you know tomorrow. 

So we hit the gym this morning. As much as my whole body was still sore I managed at 30 mins run and I'm quite happy with it.

Duration : 31:14 minutes
Distance : 3.6km
Calories burned : 198
Sweat level : Pretty good!

Poor hubby, he was grumbling today because he had to wait for me to finish my shower. Well, that just means that I will have to do faster in future. 

We also had KFC twister wrap and $3 meal for breakfast. My boss was kind enough not to go in office since we have a meeting at 11 and suggested me to go to the meeting direct. So, I managed to get back home and had a cat nap for 5 mins till my boss called. DARN!

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