Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its Thursday, you know what that means right?

No gym and slept till 7:20. Last night hubby was feeling not too well so he went off to bed at 9:00. Even myself was feeling kind of weak and tired that I went to bed around 10:00. I was watching Doctor 90210. Yeah, brainless shows. I wanted to take a break from having to check emails and reply and work so I didn't bring my laptop back home. 

Tinki scared me last night, I knew she went inside the kitchen and was playing around and she went quiet. Before I slept, I wanted to make sure she's not stuck in some corner and was trying to call her name out. No sound! Then I decided to walk away and BAM!!!!! the card box which was tucked away on top of the cupboard fell and there she was inside it meowing. Naughty one I'm telling you and of cuz hubby slept through all those noise.

I am now reinstating the routine of jumping in the shower the moment I get out of the bed. No breakfast nor sitting in front of tele first. I used to just take my own time after brushing and freshen up till I hit the shower and I find that it makes me feel lazy and make take more time on getting ready. So if I get the shower task done first thing in the morning I could get more time to my other things. 

It's Thursday today so I'm fasting and munching on grapes for the whole day. I also soaked Kidney beans and  chick peas last night so that we can cook dinner at home so to break our usual routine. I am hoping to get back home early today. 

Grapes I brought.

This is a picture of Singapore Flyer on a sun set. Not a great picture as I took it while I was in the cab ride back home yesterday. I actually wanted to take the picture of the red Sun but didn't manage to get it in the picture.

Today' note : Give yourself a break for every now and then.

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