Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shall I ice or have cold shower

Last night we watched Blood, the last vampire. Good entertainment and time past but nothing that great and Hubby made brown rice fried rice and I made stir fry green peppers for dinner. I think we'll be able to pull together a 5 days home cook dinner again. 
One funny thing happened yesterday. Since I was at home, I thought why not go downstairs and walk home with hubby. I went and waited and waited till the rain started to fall and I was wondering why was he taking so long. After a while I called again and he's already at the house! I just realised that he came back from the other direction and there I was waiting for him to walk home. So no choice, I just came back walking in the rain and he managed to escape the rain. Silly me!

We did hit the gym today but I took it easy and only ran for 20 minutes.

Duration : 21.23 minutes
Distance : 2.57 km

Calories burned : 143

Sweat level : Pretty good!

For some reasons, today as soon as I started my run my whole thighs and legs started to hurt. I should have probably taken a break but I didn't do too much and I do feel good.
After gym we hit KFC for our breakfast and I was happy that I finished my whole wrap. Boss messaged to tell me that I could go in the meeting at 11 from home instead of having to go in to office. So! woo hoo, I'm home now!

Today's note : Let it out and be open about how you feel.

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