Friday, November 20, 2009

a good workout hence a good morning

This week we didn't manage to keep our challenge. Last night we had Komala's at Peninsular Plaza since we were there to try the fitting for my outfit. We went to meet my tailor and strangely, the place where she was the lights had gone off. So sadly, I couldn't really see clearly but hubby said it looks really nice. I should be picking it up over the weekend. The materials feel really nice though.

Ok, I'm quite happy with my work out today. Why? here's why.

Duration : 31.36 minutes
Distance : 3.78 km

Calories burned : 205
Sweat level : Pretty darn good!

Today, hubby and I did a bet on which lift would open and I lost! So breakfast was on me but I was lucky because I managed to claim some free burgers! ha ha.

Oh and we watched Bring it on, Fight to the finish. Loved it! Well not for you  macho guys :)

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