Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I slept last night! woo hoo

Last night we had left overs for dinner. We polished up the left over Kyar Zan Kyaw and hubby wasn't full so he also had fish curry with rice. Hubby bought me a bottle of Lindemans red but I thought I'd give myself a chance and see if I'd fall alseep because we went for a run in the morning and voila! I slept quite well without having to open the bottle. Tinki also came and slept near my foot. I love it when she sleeps near me.

We didn't watch anything specific on telle last night BUT we bought the tickets for Yangon. So we'll be going on the 9th of Dec till 13th of Dec. We're so looking forward to going back and it'll be hubby's first time in Burma.

I also had grapes for desserts and munching on them right now at work too.

Believe it or not, we hit the gym this morning too but I try to run for only 20 minutes.

Duration : 21:16 minutes

Distance : 2.5km

Calories burned : 136

Sweat level : Pretty good!

I managed to achieve my first goal. I ran for 2.4k under 20 minutes. Ha!

Today's note : God works in mysterious ways.

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