Sunday, November 8, 2009

Migraine after workout

Poor hubby, he got such bad migraine after workout yesterday and he was sleeping mostly whole of yesterday. I was just chilling, updating my journal and surfing net. Wasn't so bad. Then I made a quick dinner for us. 

I made Kyar Zan Kyaw ( Fried rice vermicelli) with onion and lemon. This is our comfort food and something which we like to eat when there's nothing much to cook. I'm also pretty happy that we used up nearly everything of what we bought last week. 

After dinner, we went for a walk I thought some fresh air might help hubby feel better and it did. We didn't stay up late last night but Tinki was feeling very playful and naughty that I had to keep getting up and finally decided to let her out of the room. Yes, we put her in to sleep with us during weekends when we have air condition on. Also, I have learned that so long I cover my head to sleep when we have air condition on, I'm pretty good in the morning and no sneezing fits.

We woke up this morning with such sores for me on my obliques, I am guessing its from my run because I didn't do my abs exercise yesterday. I guess its good in a way. Hubby made me these for breakfast today. So yes, he's much better today.

Its, tomatoes and bacon on toast. Enu is also here today, so I'm quite happy that the house is going to be cleaned. Only thing is there's a few chores. Here's the list,

1. Make shopping list
2. Go grocery shopping
3. Put away laundry
4. Pack gym bag

Also, I think I have been really slacking off in a lot of things. I want to be back on track. Here are a few things I should do this week.

1. Eat healthy
2. Go to gym at least 4 times
3. Finish up the outstanding things at work
4. Book tickets for my brother's wedding.
5. Take vitamins.

Tinki loves to be in this shoe rack holes, she'd push the shoes out and play with the dangling laces. I think we've found her home :)

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