Friday, November 27, 2009

Under one condition......"will you marry me"

YES YES YES!!! I just watched Twilight, The new moon!! and I'm in love again. It was so unexpected. We were just simply doing some shopping at Orchard and it started to rain. So we decided might as well go up to the cinema and see what movies are available. That's when we realised that New Moon sneak preview has been showing!!! We thought we'd go up and buy the tickets off the counter but boy oh boy, the line has minimum of 30 people in it. So as I always am the quick thinking one, I asked hubby to call Jit to ask to buy the tickets off the internet and viola!! it all just happened. The movie starts at 4:20 and we were there at 3:45. It was all meant to be. We got the tickets and the rest was just history. I am not going to do any spoiler to other fans like myself. All I can say is that it was so worth the wait and it was just nicely done and just simply gorgeous. I just love love love the movie. I can't wait the blue ray to be out and I am so buying the discs. 

Hubby managed to get some pants shopping done and I'm happy he finally managed to buy some new pants. He so needed them. Trust me. 

Also, I managed to apply for my Dad's visa and they'll be here on the 18th. It will be nice for Mom and Dad to come and relax over the holidays. 

Happy holidays everyone. 

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