Sunday, November 1, 2009


I just got a call from my Mom and she gave me such a great news. My brother has decided to get married to his 7 years girl friend!!! How gorgeous is that! I'm excited and I can't wait to know when they are planning.

Ok, back to the normal program.

So our 46" Samsung LCD TV was delivered today! When I saw the box I got a shocked! I seriously thought that it would fill up the whole wall in our living room. Of cuz, boxes have all the protection stuff and when I saw the actual TV it actually doesn't look so big for our living at all. Well at least for the room we have now and we'll have to wait and see for our new house when we move. 

Well I haven't managed to charge my camera just yet and I took these pictures with my phone. So, you have to excuse the quality but HEY! at least they're here. 

Last night, hubby and me watched Indian and Australia cricket match till quite late. I didn't watch till end but hubby did. India won!! About time I would say. We have been staying late supporting them and every time they let us down. Finally they won! Today Enu came which was a good thing as our bathrooms and floors really need a good scrubbing and she did a good job today. 

Also last night, while watching cricket I got peckish and made pan cakes with honey. It was my first ever attempt to make pan cakes from scratch and no from a mix, it turned out REALLY AWESOME!!! I am so making them again. Hubby also loved them.

I am quite happy with myself this weekend because :

1. laundry was done!
2. house cleaned!
3. cleaned up the spare bedroom ( well 95%, I just need to put the clothes away)
4. Grocery shopping 
5. cooked all the meals at home and so far I have cooked up nearly everything we bought yesterday. 
6. washed the day curtains which were screaming for a good wash. 
7. washed couch cover.
8. bought contact lens. (my usual brand was apparently discontinued so I am going to try this brand call En-core). I hope it suits me. 
9. back updating my journal.

Some meals I cooked today.

Lunch : Minced pork with basil Thai style. Pae Hin Cho (red lentil soup Burmese style), Stir fried lady's fingers with onions. Crispy yogurt dried chilli.

Snack : Jiten and Kanu came over in the evening for the inauguration of our TV :) and made shammi sabobs with onions and coriandar. 

Dinner : Well I think i got a little tired by this time and we just decided to heat water and had cup noodles :)

Now, thinking about feeling a bit satisfy with myself but both hubby and I have been really slacking off in our exercise department! Hubby did ask last week to see if we could go for jogging in the gym (he shouldn't be doing any weight exercise just yet because of his elbow.) and we didn't. So this is something we should be getting back into. 

We didn't do anything interesting for Halloween but did you? I know that I have been also lacking on the photo department so here are some of the photos I snapped last night with my phone of Tinki and our herbs. 

This is the crystal vase that my MIL bought for me.




Tinki sleeping with her tongue sticking out.

Today's Note : Cook more at home. Its healthier, save money and more enjoyable. Not only those meals that have to spend 100s of dollars nice. 

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