Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I love rain now

I seemed to have changed. Yes, I love rain now. It was such a lovely weather. It rained whole day and stopped in the evening which leaves the whole evening feeling cool. We were supposed to go to Orchard Hotel to pick up a package my MIL has sent for me but it was late by the time I got off work so we didn't go. Hubby was offering if he should pick up dinner on the way back and I thought of making something at home in stead of buying the same thing to eat every time. Don't get me wrong, its not expensive to buy food in Singapore and not many people in Singapore really cook. I always have this idea that most Singaporean spent so much money on their kitchens and keep them spotless by NOT cooking at all at home! What a waste. 

Oh and we have decided to give Tinki a whole can of Burp for her dinner now. We used to give her half a tin of burp with some Science Diet dry food but she seemed not full lately. So hubby gave her a tin last night and she seems pretty satisfied with it because I got home and saw her BIG tummy :)

I got home around 7 and thought we would watch Tomb Raider on telle but hubby found out that there was a match between India and Australia and we diverted our attentions to Neo Sports (its cricket channel). Sadly, India lost this time :(

While watching Cricket I made us dinner. It was Tuna melt open sandwich with grilled baby asparagus. It was DELICIOUS!! I had 2 pieces of it and hubby had 4!!!! 2 with cheese and 2 without. Yes, i'm definitely making those again in near future.

Around 8:45 we thought we might as well go and pick up the parcel and we did. As a result! I got new clothes, woo hooo... I got my very first Salwar Kameez! I promise I will take pictures and a few more tops and a dress. They all fit me well!

I also received my Upper Room from Pwa Pwa in the post. It is a daily messages with bible notes.

Today's note: Appreciate every little thing around you. 

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