Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gym, Lunch, Shopping, Movie and Dinner with Friends

That's what happened on Saturday. We hit the gym in the morning and I had a good run.

Duration : 32.34 minutes
Distance : 3.84 km
Calories burned : 206
Sweat level : Pretty good!

I had a really good run on the treadmill despite the fact that I forgot to bring the water bottle. After gym, we went over to hubby's Aunt and Uncle's place for yummy lunch. I was feeling really dehydrated due to not enough water and I should remember to take my water bottle every time whenever I go to gym. Checklist!

MIL sent back my engagement ring which was re-sized and also a little gift. Which is a dainty gold flower bracelet. 

Then went to Arab street to meet my tailor which was so sweet to meet us and help to buy the outfit materials for my brother's wedding reception. We ended up choosing a baby pink. I hope it'll look nice on me. After that shopping, we were pretty done for the day and came back home and watched The Proposal. IT'S A GREAT MOVIE!!!! I just love it. I will definitely watch it again.

After the movie we went out to meet with Audrey and Lionel for dinner at Brewerkz at Clarke Quaye. We had a good time catching up. Finally! I had anchovies pizza and a glass of Merlot. I also had one glass before we left. I thought it was a nice evening. I haven't had this little party feeling inside of me for the longest time.

We dragged Audrey and Lionel back home after dinner because Audrey needed some big plastic bags for her JUNKs! Yes, Aud. You go gal! Its about time you spring clean. We got home and we made them watch Blood and Bone and they liked it! Or were they being just nice? :)

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