Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back on the run!

OH yeah! after a break week. This is what I saw on my treadmill screen.
  • Duration : 34 minutes
  • Calories burned : 214
  • Distance : 4km
  • Sweat level : Pretty DARN good
  • Highest Level : 8.5
  • Second highest level : 8.2

Yes, it was GOOD, I was worried I might not be able to hit my 200 mark which I managed the other week but all good after all.

Also, I managed to squeeze in some ab moves too.

My target for this week is a clean eating. I'm going to prepare pretty much most of the meal for the week and I'm sure hubby will enjoy it too.


Last night we were invited for dinner by hubby's Aunt and Uncle. It was his Uncle's birthday. We went shopping in the afternoon, oh yes when we went shopping for my flats we also bought a birthday gift for his Uncle. There were a few ideas we toyed with and we decided with this in the end.

We were just thinking, this is our second time giving Eating for Life as a gift and wondering when will be the time we'll actually own one. First time was, apparently I was so inspiring to my hubby's boss and wife that they actually asked me tips. So we decided to give this book as a gift. They were so thrilled.

Yes, I am a lover of Body for Life.

Ok, on to the dinner. Yantra is an Indian fine dining restaurant and we had a really lovely time. Its in Tanglin mall. We got there first before his Aunt and Uncle so we started with cocktails. I had Pomegranate Margarita and Hubby had Rum punch. Then I tried on Corona beer with lime. That was my first time trying Corona beer. I think I quite like it.

Then we had tika platter as starter. They were just amazing and tasty. Sorry you lot. I didn't manage to get the pictures of any of the yummy food. However, I did manage to snap some of the desserts... enjoy

This is the cake that the staff brought with a candle lit up for the "birthday boy" but of cuz we all dived in. It was amazing. Also apologies, I can't really spell and remember the two desserts we had.

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