Monday, July 13, 2009

Lazy but nice Sunday

After a good gathering at Jit and Kanu's place on Saturday, we decided to just rest and relax at home on Sunday. I was also looking forward for our helper to come. Enu (our helper) did not come over on Wednesday as she was sick and told us she would come today.

We had a treat to ourselves for lunch, I had chicken briyani near our house and hubby had onion pratas. He only ordered 2 at first. OK, I am a slow eater. My briyani came first and about 10 minutes later his pratas arrived and when he finished eating I still have half a plate left. So he decided to order one more onion prata and he finished that and I was still catching up with him :) I couldn't help it. I eat slow. Its one of my training from my "Body for Life" days.

By eating slow with small amount your tummy feels filler fast without over eating. There! that's the trick to it.

When we got home, we just lazed for awhile on the couch. Me with SELF( yes, I haven't returned Aud's magazine to the library. I should do so this week) and hubby playing with Tink while watching some TV shows.

Around 2, Hubby needed to have some shut eyes time and he went an took a nap while Tink napped with him. I did a bit of my blog update and Enu came so I was thrilled to have the house cleaned up after a week of the little one's mess. :)

We contemplated for awhile if we should go out for dinner and in the end we didn't. I just made Chicken curry with stir fried Kai Lan and had it with rice.

My weekend seems to be the chicken weekend! OH MY, yes at Jit's place we had Pepper chicken as well.. OK, more fish and beef for the coming week. 4 consecutive meals with chicken!! what was I thinking???

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