Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and a Kono Pizza

We had a lovey movie night last night. Hubby bought the tickets on-line and we managed to catch a 6 45 show. Sometimes, I feel being able to buy movie tickets online is such a great way as we don't have to stand in the queue and wait for long time and only to realised that by your turn, the counter guy would say "Oh sorry its sold out for this movie". Yes, I did encounter those in my past experiences.

Then again, I would feel bad for those who came to the does not have the privileges of going online to buy tickets or for those who just decided to watch a movie since they are happen to be at the mall might not get the chance to actually buy the ticket because its been sold out via online ticketing.

OK, so we go to the theater and realised we hadn't got the time to eat dinner. So we got a hot dog and a kono pizza which was quite a new thing for us. Pizza in a scone. :)

As for the movie, there were a few mix reviews. Some says slow, some said REALLY GOOD, some said wasn't so great. So our review is, its a nice movie and worth it to watch. The kids are in teens instead of having a adventure full movie, it has a bit of slow down with a bit of teenager parts which we did not mind at all. However, this is the dilemma which I always have after every Harry Porter movie I watched.

Harry Porter still cannot fight on his own .....

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