Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random pictures of Tinki and others

Here are some more pictures of Tinkle Bell... (some might spell it Tinker Bell) and I have no reason or idea why but I spell hers as Tinkle Bell.. ha ha..
this is when she first arrived and we have nothing to put her milk in so yes we were using... uhmmm well you can see what it is from the picture can you not? ha ha..
And now she has this cute plate which allows the water to be filled up by itself so long there's water in the bottle...inventions inventions...
This is why she keeps us awake at night, she sleeps during the afternoons.....
Oh and these are my Vitamins I take every morning after my work outs, Primrose Oil, Enervon C and Eye Vital. Look at that size of the 1300mg Primrose Oil...yeah HUGE!