Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Knees are sore but I'm not missing my work out

When I woke up this morning, I was still struggling to walk and getting out from bed from my soreness. The magic, as soon as I get to the gym, i felt good! Except when I have to squat or bend down. Darn!

We left together with Hubby's aunt this morning at 7 because she was leaving for the airport. So we put her in a cab and we ourselves got into another cab and headed towards the gym.

Ok, here's what I did at the gym this morning.


Upper Body
Chest - 12,10,8,6 12
Back - 12, 10,8,6, 12
Shoulders - 12,10,8,6, 12
Biceps - 12,10,8,6, 12
Triceps - 12,10,8,6, 12

So, it shows I am still being able to follow the BFL routine. I think I will try to post my actual exercise soon. I need more disciplines. I know I am quite good with packing the night before and getting up early but I think I need more disciplines with my exercises.

Once I was done with it, was it already 8 10am and I knew I was running late. I did not manage to squeeze in my ab exercises.

Oh, also I think I will try to get into the beginners Yoga classes over the weekend.

I just remembered! tomorrow is our rest day.

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