Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guess who....

I didn't manage to update anything yesterday and here is the reason why..
Yes, this is our new addition to our home, Tinki (Tinkle Bell). We adopted her from SPCA yesterday. She's 3 months old mixed breed. She's got little 3 black paws and 1 pink one. Whole of yesterday afternoon and evening were just busy with her. Aud, my best friend was so gorgeous she came in her car to help us carry back little Tinki home. She has a microchip implanted registered to us. We'll have to go for her second vax next month. You should see Hubby playing with her and taking care of her. He's is so loving to her for a person who is not a cat person at all..
I guess we all learn to love someone or something eventually...

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