Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not a good idea

We didn't go to the gym yesterday if you noticed. Yes, I was not feeling too good as I was feeling weak and throat was feeling a bit dry and itchy. Not too sure why. Aud did say it may be due to lack of sleep. I was thinking I thought I have been sleeping enough. BUT wait! actually that's true as well because I have not been having sound sleep. I would try to listen to where is Tink and if she is in the room or outside. Also, we haven't been sleeping through the whole nite since we got her. So! probably it is time to close the door from the moment we go to bed..

So its not a good idea to take a 2 days off straight.

Today was my upper body workout day. So here's the low down.


  • Chest - Bench press ( 12,10,8,6,12) 5 kg
  • Back - Seated row/Lat pull down - (12,10,8,6,12) 12kg,19kg, 19+2.5 kg.
  • Shoulder - Seated shoulder press (12,10,8,6,12) 3kg, 4 kg
  • Biceps - Seated bicep curls machine /hammer curls (21,21,21) 10kg
  • Triceps - Triceps pull downs/Triceps kick back (15,15,15,) 5kg

Some shots of Tinki on Sunday...

Yes, this is the very first time we've seen her sleep like this and hubby couldn't miss the chance to take the snaps..

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