Monday, July 20, 2009

Baked Salmon, pumpkin cake and a rib eye steak

That's what we had on Sunday after a dinner party at Karan and Hanisa's place on Saturday night.

We realised nearly everything in the kitchen is running out. Milk, tea, meat, veges etc... so we did our grocery shopping early Sunday.

It was my DIL's (Dad in Law) birthday as well. So why hubby was on the phone with the family I was busy in the kitchen. After he's done, the lunch was ready.

Simple Lunch

Baked salmon with grilled lady's fingers.

As for the afternoon snack, I attempted on making a french style pumpkin cake from one of the recipes from French Food At Home. Now, I've learnt that when the said 350 or 400 they meant F!!! Gosh, I thought it was in C and I burned my pumpkin cake ha ha.. but it was still not too bad inside. Hubby didn't quite like it because it was his first time trying a pumpkin cake so it'll be saying bye to us and hi to the bin this evening.


We bought two rib eye steaks in the morning and tried to make it pan fried steak and it came out quite nice I must say. Apart from we overcooked them a little bit as the steaks were too thin. So the next attempt, we shall buy steaks from a proper butcher.

I made baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and french beans salad to go with the steak.

Sorry did not manage to take pictures for these....

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