Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aud's Scones and Jit's Green Curry Chicken

After a much hectic morning, gym, chores and bringing home Tinki, Aud decided to make her much promised scones for us. There I thought she knew her recipe and first think she said, OK, let's search for recipe on-line. HA! cheater!!! :) ok ok, better not be mean to her because she did make really nice scones..
Here is how it looked like in the oven and yes, this is the oven Hubby aunt's bought for us as a house warming gift.

I can't really remember the name of the website where we got the recipe from but here is the final results and yes, there were so darn good. By the way, she forgot to put sugar but the raisins and jam make up for it.

The first batch of 9 nearly vanished like in minutes and the last 3 got nearly burned :) but I thought they were nice and crunchy. She IS a good baker. In the evening Jit and Kanu came over to see Tink and they tried it and they thought we bought those. When I told them they were homemade, they were really impressed and Kudos to you Aud!

Jit decided to make all of us dinner and he made Thai green curry chicken. The paste was from a package but it was as good as well. I thought we needed some vegetables so I made some steamed carrots and snow peas.

Basically, I didn't have much healthy meal over the weekend.. oh well.. at least I am noticing and conscious about my meal.


  1. are most welcome! told ya i couldn't make perfect scones b4! the green curry looks good...mmm....

  2. actually, the green curry is looking black curry in the photo :)