Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday Work Out

It was supposed to be our lower body day but after mid of my squats, I realised something which was not right in my exercise shots, yes I realised there was a big hole in my shorts, and decided to do other exercises which doesn't need any squatting or bending over. So I did


Squats 12,12,12
Lunges 10,10,10
Seated leg curls , 12,12,12
Calves press 10,10,10

Also, I was wanting to run again but I know I just worked my leg muscles and that my knees needed more rest, so I decided to run for only 20 minutes.

Duration : 20 minutes
Calories burned : 105
Distance : 2.2km
Sweat level : Pretty good.
Highest Level : 8
Second highest level : 7.5
Longest duration on 7.5 : 8 minutes each of 2 sets.

Yes! I felt good and I was dead beat after that. Oh yes, finally Hubby managed to sign me up with Sky Fitness officially. I was doing a 2 weeks trial till yesterday.

SGD$550 for 15 months is pretty darn good deal don't you think?

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