Friday, July 24, 2009

Veg Pizza for Dinner at home

After we both been poked by needles yesterday we were rather too tired to go out for vegetarian meal. Thanks to my quick and good thinking hubby, we bought a pre-made vegetarian pizza from Cold Storage the other night. I know I know, during vegetarian dinners I tend to forget to take pictures. I'm sure you know why....

However, we bought an 9" one cuz I was worried we might not be able to fit into the oven. Hubby did suggest to get 2 of them but I was thinking nah, I wasn't going to eat more than 1 slice and GUESS WHAT? I ate 4!!! Yes, it was Thursday! What was I thinking?? So dear poor Hubby made himself 3 vegs on toast. I think he put on pesto, mint chutney, chili sambal and tomatoes... Uhmm ok, don't ask me how it tasted but I can tell you it smelled good.. ha!

We watched Prison Break last few episodes of season 4 as well. I can't believe they let Michale die!!! I was really sad.

Oh yes, we decided to take a break from Gym today as well. I know, we're bad but hey! our bodies are yelling out for a break!

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