Monday, July 27, 2009

Tinki's first bath

Yes, do not laugh. Hubby has been itching to give Tinki a bath and I have been stopping him only because I think Tinki is still a baby cat. Well she's now 4 months old but I gave in yesterday. OH, I should have taken a picture of Tinki after bath. Poor little thing, she was so scared. I didn't participate in the main event of cuz. I was only the dryer :)

After the bath, she just slept the whole of the afternoon and we got bit worried but this morning she's back to her normal self. Hopping, jumping, running and biting of cuz.

Last night we decided to close the door from the time we went to bed and also the other bed room's door. To my surprise, she didn't make any sound through out the night. It might be either she's used to it or I slept through and I didn't notice.

ALSO! we managed our morning workout.

  • Dumbbell squats : 12,12,12 (4kg)
  • Dumbbell Lunges : 12,12,12 (3kg)
  • Sumo squats : 12,12,12, (5kg, 7.5kg,7.5kg)
  • Seated leg curls : 12,12,10 (15kg,15kg,17.5kg)
  • Standing calves raises, 12,12,12

We felt quite good this morning after workout. I didn't really feel I did much but I felt good because I manage to go and get "some" workout done.

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