Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How can I make a cat to sleep at night

Again, last night Tinki walked over us and bit and scratched us while we were trying to sleep. I guess she sleeps the whole day and got energised in the night and wanted us to play with her. That doesn't keep us not getting up at 6:30 this morning again.

We had a simple and relaxing evening yesterday. We both decided not to bring work home and thus we had no lap top at home and we could not watch any movies either. Yes, hubby's lappy is at the repair shop. I don't know what is it with Dell lap tops, this is the second lap top that something stop working right after the warranty is over. Thankfully, this time we bought 3 years warranty and hopefully the shop guys can fix the problem.

Ok now move on to our work outs for the morning.

Hubby did his shoulders today.

As for me, today is my Lower Body so here's the breakdown

  • Barbell Squats: 12,12,12 (3kg, 3kg, 3kg)
  • Plie squats: 12 (5kg)
  • Lunges: 12,12 (3kg, 3kg)
  • Barbell dead lift : 12,12
  • Seated leg curls (hamstrings) : 10,8,4 (20kg,20kg,15kg)
  • Calves press : 12,12,12 (5kg,5kg,5kg)
Since we got to the gym late (7:30) I didn't manage to do my abs again. Not good.

I took a shot of the Singapore's upcoming Casino construction site on the way to work.

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