Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guilt run

I wanted to write about how bad I was yesterday as I had Mushroom Swiss meal from BK. Yes, a meal which came with fries. Bad, bad. What do I do when I am with my boss and the potential clients decided to have lunch at BK? Anyhoo, as for dinner, I cooked chicken curry with new potatoes which hubby enjoyed thoroughly. Also, I bought a container of Burmese Nga Pyar Yay Chat (Balachung) on Sunday so we had it for lunch together with rice and chicken curry.

It was actually really nice. I believe I have become an expert with Burmese chicken curry.

Apologies for such a messy picture. Hubby was starving as it was already 9 :30pm and I sort of took a tad too long to cook and he couldn't wait to eat and I was still trying to snap for nice pictures. :)

I didn't peel the tiny potatoes but they tasted really good. So just let me know when you want to come for my chicken curry dinner :)

OK, moving on to our morning run. That's right, "our". Hubby decided to run with me today. He is allergy to cardio basically. He's theory is cardio is just boring. How weird is that. But he did good today and I'm so proud of him.


  • Duration : 34 minutes
  • Calories burned : 214
  • Distance : 4.2km
  • Sweat level : Pretty DARN good
  • Highest Level : 9
  • Second highest level : 8.5

Yes, I'm still maintaining my 215 Calories rate.

Its been awhile I've posted our baby's picture. So here is it, after her bath.

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