Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy day with awesome dinner

Yesterday was a total madness day for me.

The day started with a good upper body work out.

Chest - 12,12,12,10,12 ( Dumbbell bench press - 4kg,4kg,4kg,5kg, Seated pull 15kg)
Back - 12,12,12,10 (lat pull down 19kg,19kg,19kg, 21.5kg Seated back pull 15kg
Shoulder - 12,12,12,1012 (Dumbbell shoulder press - 3kg,3kg,3kg,4kg , Shoulder lift 10kg)
Biceps - 12,12,12,10,12 (Dumbbell curl - 3kg,3kg,3kg,4kg, Hammer 3kg)
Triceps - 12,12,12,10 (Triceps kick back - 3kg,3kg,3kg, 4kg)
For lunch, I had really yummy Thai food. I think my workout is kind of boasting my metabolism which is good and bad. I know I'm supposed to be having snacks and eating frequently. However, my job nature has seemed to have change drastically lately and I only managed to have lunch at 2:30. Which was really bad and I nearly finished the whole plate of my white rice.
As for dinner, we had our partner from Dubai visiting and boss decided to treat the partner as well as the team and the spouses, we went to JUMBO at East Coast seafood centre. So yes you can imagine how much I ate. By the time the first dish was brought up its was already 8:15 and hubby and I were starving and didn't really realised how much we ate.
OK, this does not mean that I am giving up on my goal of hitting to 55kg by the end of next month. I can still do this. We are only human. We fell out of something. I always believe that it is within yourself of how to manage your life.

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