Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simple evening

Hubby picked me up today from work and we went to yet again East Coast Komala's for our vegetarian dinner. I had Poori set and Hubby had Masala Dosai. We were contemplating of going to Little India for dinner and bit of shopping but we both didn't have the energy and we were too hungry to wait for dinner that long. So we just decided to go to East Coast which is just on the way home.

Lunch was

  1. Piece watermelon
  2. Piece rock melon
  3. half a guava (which was tasteless)

and I snacked on my last container of pears that I cut up over the weekend.

I think I'm quite proud of us this week as we finished all the fruits we bought on Sunday and we have been cooking at home except for tonight. I will probably cook something or may be we will go out and eat a nice dinner tomorrow night. May be Hog's Breathe? Will keep you posted.

Good night for now.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and run for 30 minutes and targetting 3.5K. Let's see.


  1. i want komala's too!! its been a long time since i went to little india...

  2. wait a that hog's breath i see? damn...i wanna go too!

  3. ha ha, yes you're welcome to join.. if you want komalas or little india keep me posted on the thursday.. you can join us.. but it'll be Veg meal...